How Does It Work?

SenseQ Care is a network of smart, wireless sensors located throughout the house or residence connected to a cloud-based machine learning platform that continuously applies advanced pattern recognition capabilities to signals recorded from the residence, in real time.

We bring peace of mind

SenseQ Care  brings peace of mind to families with an aging parent or loved one living alone. Our solution allows elderly people to postpone their move to a retirement home. The pandemic has dramatically impacted nursing homes and long term care facilities. Keeping your aging parent at home can help save their life and allow them to retain a high level of control over their day to day as they continue to live in familiar spaces.

We respect and protect privacy

There are no cameras involved. All activities are monitored and invisibly unobtrusively allowing the senior to conduct their routines in their way.
Data is fully encrypted and protected.

SenseQ Care doesn’t just monitor day-to-day activities of the senior. It learns them, provides status updates and generates alerts upon deviation from a learned routine in real time.

Sensors throughout the house gather information

The information is collected and sent to the SenseQ cloud in real-time

SenseQ’s AI and learning technologies process the data applying highly accurate pattern recognition and statistical learning algorithms

The cloud then securely transmits data to devices in real-time informing caregivers of activity

Caregiving meets IoT

SenseQ utilizes AI and IoT to reinvent caregiving.
SenseQ watches, monitors and assesses 24/7 giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is under a watchful eye.
If and when a need or emergency arises SenseQ promptly alerts you or a caregiver

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